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Dominions & Colonies

Table 2:  Imperial Regiments from the Dominions & Colonies of the British Empire






 1st Canterbury

 2nd Queen Alexandra's Rifles

 3rd Auckland

 4th Waikato

 6th NZ Manawatu






 7th Southland

 8th South Canterbury


10th Nelson 

11th N A M R 






 12th Otago


Royal Canadian Artillery Corps

 97th Algonquin

(Otago) Hussars 

A N Z A C 






 Australasian Squadron, King's Colonials (English Unit)

 Australian Commonwealth Horse

 Australian New South Wales Cadets

Queensland Scottish Regt (Prefederation)

Australian Victoria Cadet Force 






 Australian 32nd Bn

Australian 46 Brighton Rifles 

Australian Cadet Corps 

 Australian Commonwealth Military Forces

 Australian Goldfields Infantry






 Australian Imperial Force

NOT a badge - only used on headstones and memorials

 5th Australian Infantry Regiment

Australian Instructional Corps 

Australian Red Corps 

 British Columbia Dragoons






 Calgary Highlanders

 Canadian Guards

 Intelligence Corps


Westminster Regt 






Chaplain's Star 

Edmonton Fusiliers 

 Canadian Engineers

 Canadian Field Artillery

 3rd AMR






Canadian Intellligence

 Lake Superior Regt

New Zealand Expeditionary Force 

New Zealand Infantry Regt 

North Waterloo Regiment, Scots Fusiliers of Canada 







 NZ Onward

 NZ Royal Artillery

Canadian Provost Corps 

 Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment






Royal Canadian Armoured Corps 

 Canadian Armoured Corps

 Canadian Royal Artillery

 New Zealand Regular Forces


The Regina Rifle Regt 






 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

Royal Hong Kong Regt 

This is an unknown collar badge possibly of a school cadet unit or a fantasy badge

Another Fantasy badge

 Another Fantasy badge







 The Royal Regiment of Canada

 The Royal Westminster Regt of Canada

 Winnipeg Regt

 Saskatchewan Armoured Regt

 Saskatchewan Border Regt






Saskatoon Light Infantry 

South Australian 27th Scottish Regt 

 Australian Army

Victoria Rifles of Canada

Australia - For the Empire and our Allies 

This is not an Australian Army badge but a lapel badge sold to civilians as part of the war effort






 Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers (South African)

 Highland Light Infantry of Canada

Royal Canadian Regiment 

 46th Durham Regt

 Australian Commonwealth Military Police

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