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Sketches of Badges







 Royal Horse Guard

The Blues

1st King's Dragoon Guards 

2nd Dragoon Guards, Queen's Bays 

3rd Prince of Wales' Dragoon Guards 

 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards






 5th Princess Charlotte of Wales' Dragoon Guards

 6th Dragoon Guards, Carabiniers

 7th Princess Royal's Dragoon Guards

 Regimental Cypher of the Princess Royal

 7th Princess Royal's Dragoon Guards prior to 1898






1st Royal Dragoons 

1st Royal Dragoons 

 2nd Dragoons

Royal Scots Greys

2nd Dragoons

Royal Scots Greys

3rd King's Own Hussars 






5th Royal Irish Lancers 

 6th Inniskilling Dragoons

 7th Queen's Own Hussars

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars 

9th Queen's Royal Lancers 






 10th Prince of Wales' Own Royal Hussars

 11th Prince Albert's Own Hussars

12th Prince of Wales's Royal Lancers 

13th Hussars 

 14th King's Hussars






 15th King's Hussars

16th Queen's Lancers 

17th Duke of Cambridge's Own Lancers 

18th Hussars 

 19th Princess of Wales's Own Hussars






20th Hussars 

21st Empress of India's Lancers 

Royal Regiment of Artillery 

Corps of Royal Engineers 

 Grenadier Guards






 Grenadier Guards 1704

 Coldstream Guards

 Scots Guards

Royal Scots, Lothian Regiment 


Royal Scots, Lothian Regiment






 Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment

 Buffs East Kent Regiment

King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment 

King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment  

 Northumberland Fusiliers






 Royal Warwickshire Regiment

 Royal Warwickshire Regiment

 Royal Warwickshire Regiment

4th Queen's Own Hussars 

14th Kings Hussars (2)


Thanks to Sarge Booker for these images.

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