The Empire to Commonwealth Project

Lambert & Butler - Arms of Kings & Queens

When smoking was deemed as fashionable various cigarette companies placed, from time to time, coupons to promote collecting (and therefore the purchase of cigarettes) enthusiasts.  All items are in this collection are from the New York Picture Library .  

* This set started with the Norman Conquest of England through the Angevin English Empire to King Edward VII.  In this section I have not included monarchs before the reign of Queen Mary Tudor as they are not relevant to the British Empire to Commonwealth Project as a whole, or specifically to the Royalty Chapter within it.








James I

(VIth of Scotland) 




Charles I 

Charles II 

James II

(VIIth of Scotland) 




 William III & Mary II

William III

(after Queen Mary's death) 





 George I

George II 

George III 




 George IV

William IV 



This set of cards was printed over 100 years ago.

It does not therefore include the House of Windsor. 


 Edward VII



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