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Player's Cigarettes - Empire Uniforms

When smoking was deemed as fashionable various cigarette companies placed, from time to time, coupons to promote collecting (and therefore the purchase of cigarettes) enthusiasts.  All items are in this collection are from Sarge Booker.





 5th Mahratta Light Infantry

 6th Rajputana Rifles

 7th Rajput Regt

 8th Punjab Regt

 10th Gurkha Rifles






13th Frontier Force Rifles 

 17th Dogra Regt

 19th King George's Own Lancers

 The ADC to the Viceroy of India

Alwar State Forces 






Australian Infantry 

Australian Light Horse 

Bahawalpur State Forces 

 Baria State Forces

 Bikanir State Forces






British Guiana Militia 

 British Honduras Defence Force

British South Africa Police (Native Askari) 

 British South Africa Police

 Burma Rifles






 Cape Town Highlanders

 Dhrangadhra State Forces

 Gold Coast Regt

Gwalior State Forces 

Hyderabad State Forces 






 Indian Mountain Artillery

Indore State Forces 

 Jaipur State Forces

Jodhpur State Forces 

King's African Rifles Somaliland Camel Corp 






 Kashmir State Forces

Kimberley Regt 

 Kings African Rifles

Madras Sappers and Miners 

 Mysore State Forces






 Nawanagar State Forces

 New Zealand Mounted Rifles

Nigeria Regt 

Northern Rhodesia Regt 

 Poona Horse






 Regiment Louw Wepener

Rhodesia Regt 

 Royal Australian Artillery

 Royal Canadian Mounted Police

 Scinde Horse






 Singapore Volunteer Corps

 Tehri-Garhwal State Force

 Trans-Jordan Frontier Force

Udaipur Mewar State Force 

 Witwatersrand Rifles

Thanks to Sarge Booker & Arthur for his donation of these card images to the Project. 

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