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Player's Cigarettes - Uniforms of the Territorial Army (1939)

When smoking was deemed as fashionable various cigarette companies placed, from time to time, coupons to promote collecting (and therefore the purchase of cigarettes) enthusiasts.  All items are in this collection are from Arthur.






 1537 The Guild of St George

 1588 A Sussex Gunner

 1643 Trained bands of London

 1797 Castlemartin Yeomanry

1803 Duke of Cumberland's Sharpshooters 






 1803 The Law Association Volunteers

 1852 Exeter and South Devon Volunteers Rifle Corps

1859 1st City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteer Corps 

 1859 City of London Rifle Volunteer Brigade

 1859 London Scottish Rifle Volunteer Corps






1859 Robin Hood Rifle Volunteer Corps 

 1882 22nd Central London Rangers (The Kings RRC)

 1882 General Post Office Rifles

 1897 Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Sherwood Rangers

1900 City of London Imperial Volunteers






1900 Lovat Scouts 

 1908 1st Wessex Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps

1908 4th Bn The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 

 1908 5th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers

 1908 6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers






 1908 Army Veterinary Corps

 1908 East Riding of Yorks Yeomanry

1908 Glamorganshire Royal Garrison Artillery 

 1908 Home Counties Transport and Supplies Column Army Service Corps

 1908 Royal North Devon Yeomanry Hussars






 1909 6th Rifle Bn The King's Liverpool Regt

1914 4th Bn The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt 

1914 Cheshire Field Company Royal Engineers 

1914 Company of London Bn The London Regt (Artists Rifles) 

1914 Cumberland Bn The Border Regt 






 1914 Oxfordshire Yeomanry Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars

 1915 5th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers

 1916 2nd/23rd Company of London Bn The London Regt

 1916 49th Divisional Artillery

 1917 2nd/19th Company of London Bn The London Regt (St Pancras)






 1917 4th/5th Bn The Black Watch Royal Highlanders

 1918 1st/4th Bn The King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt

 1918 1st/9th Bn The Duke of Cambridge's Own Middlesex Regt

 1937 8th (1st City of London) Bn The Royal Fusiliers

 1939 3rd Co of London Yeomanry Sharpshooters






 1939 4th/5th Bn (The Buffs) Royal East Kent Regt

 1939 7th/9th (Highlanders) Bn The Royal Scouts

 1939 22nd Bn Royal Tank Regt Westminster Dragoons

1939 51st West Highland Anti-tank Regt Royal Artillery 

 1939 56th Cornwall Anti Aircraft Regt Royal Artillery






1939 58th (Suffolk) Medium Regt RA

 1939 Infantry Territorial Army

1939 London Irish Rifles 

 1939 North Midland Corps

 1939 Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Thanks to Arthur for his donation of these card images to the Project. 

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