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Colonial Ensigns: China Territories


Since Hong King's return to China in 1997 there have been unofficial Ensign-based images appearing on the internet belonging to pro-British organisations:


An unofficial suggested flag for Hong Kong, amalgamating the Chinese flag and the British Ensign.  This image was found by James Alcock.


Wei Hai Wei


Liu Kung Tau


Neither Blue Ensign is correct.

The badges were used only on the Union Jacks of the Civil Commissioners.


A badge (dragon) was introduced in 1901 for the first Military and  Civil Commissioner (1899-1901) who, presumably, had his residence on the island of Liu Kung Tau in the bay, while the second Commissioner established Government House in the town of Wei Hai Wei on the mainland.

The new Commissioner thought that it was not appropriate to have the national emblem of China on the flag of a Commissioner in a British Dependency and the mandarin ducks badge, now ascribed to Wei Hai Wei, replaced the dragon. 

Shanghai was never part of the British Empire though there was a multi-national settlement there.

 Hong Kong

 In 1898 this territory leased to Britain for 25 years, though returned in renegotiated and eventually returned to Chinese Administration in 1930 the facilities were then on loan for a further period of 10 years.


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Thanks also to James Alcock for his assistance in sections of the Colonial Ensigns.

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