The Empire to Commonwealth Project

Commonwealth of Australia State & Country flags




 State Flag

National Colonial Flag


Lower Murray River Flag

Upper Murray River Flag



New South Wales







Southern Australia









Western Australia


Papua New Guinea/ PAPUA




 New Guinea

British New Guinea 

 Territory of New Guinea (North East)






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Post Colonial flags

 Post Colonial-style Australia & Territories flags, moving away from the Blue Ensign ...

Heard & McDonald Islands  Cocos Islands 
 Christmas Island  Australian Capital Territory 
Northern Territory  Lord Howe Island 
 Norfolk Island  Torres Strait Islands 

 Saibai Island


 Murray Island


 Aboriginal flag




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Unofficial flags

 These flags have been used in the past but are not officially approved ...

Eureka flag



 Anti-Transportation League 


 Please have a look at the Flags Australia website.

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New Flags Proposal

Brendan Jones has a selection of flags to propose with relation to changing the Commonwealth of Australia's Country and State flags.   They can be seen here:


Flag designs © Brendan Jones 

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