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The Empire & Commonwealth Leaders

Kindly produced for the Empire to Commonwealth Project by James Alcock, these PDF files provide a listing of all Governors General for both the British Empire and The Commonwealth together with Crown Representatives.

 British Empire Governors General

Commonwealth Governors General 

 Crown Representatives


 British East India Company Rule,

1765-1858, Presidency of Calcutta


Robert Clive Governor, 1755-1760, 1764-1767

Henry Verelst 1767-1770

Cartier 1770-1772


British Governors-General of India


Warren Hastings  1772-1785

John MacPherson 1785-1786

Lord Cornwallis 1786-1793 & 1805

Sir John Shore 1793-1798

Lord Mornington 1798-1805

Sir G. Barlow 1805-1807

Lord Minto 1807-1813

Lord Moira/Hastings 1813-1823

Lord Amherst 1823-1828


Moghul authority replaced by Britain, 1827


Lord Bentinick 1828-1835 

Lord Metcalfe 1835-1836

Lord Auckland 1836-1842

Earl of Ellenborough 1842-1844

Lord Hardinge 1844-1848

Earl of Dalhousie 1848-1856

Lord Canning 1856-1858 Viceroy 1858-1862


British Rule, 1858-1947


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