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 Special Air Service

Thanks to John Lyall for a further contribution to the Empire to Commonwealth Project.

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Blazer Badge



 2nd Bn Rhodesia Regiment

(The backing illustrated was only ever worn with the Royal Rhodesia Regiment badge (pre-Republic) In 1974 Rhodesia became a republic and the Crown moved to the centre of the badge and the backing was universally red.)

Hugh Bomford

 4th Bn Rhodesia Regiment

Images courtesy of

Peter Petter-Bowyer

Grey Scouts Mounted Infantry 

Northern Rhodesia Regt

Image courtesy of

Hugh Bomford





Rhodesia & Nyasaland Army Services CorpsRhodesian Corps of ChaplainsRhodesian  Defence Unit (Unofficial?)
Rhodesian African Rifles




Rhodesian Armoured Car RegimentUnofficial Combat Infantry Badge

Rhodesian Army Corps of Signals

Rhodesian Army Education Corps



Rhodesian Army Intelligence Corps
Rhodesian Army Medical Corps
Rhodesian Army Pay Corps
 Rhodesian Army Psychology Unit





Rhodesian Army Womans Service
Rhodesian Artillery Regiment

Rhodesian Engineers

Rhodesian Light Infantry Regiment






 Rhodesia Military Police

 Royal Rhodesian Regiment

 Rhodesian Selous Scouts

Rhodesian Services Corps





 Southern Rhodesia Army Corps of Engineers

Staff Corps

 Northern Rhodesia Rifles

There was some discussion about this badge!  However thanks to Hugh Bomford of Rhodesian Services Association Inc, and backed up by Nick Skipworth-Michell this is definitely NOT Natal Rifles Regiment

Evidence: Click here


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Special Air Service