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 Welcome to the Empire to Commonwealth Project site which is now in it's ninth year!, You can use either the menu bar above or the large icons below to the top 5 selections.  This Project is a collection of over 40,000  researched images that are donated from Defence Forces, Internet Authors, Experts in their particular fields and Collecting Enthusiasts. 




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 The Project is split into over 3,000 pages for ease of use.  Simply click on the word in the black banner or the picture/word in this table above.

Original artwork designed by Malcolm Barrass, John Lyall, Ed Buscall and Serge Averbukh.

The metallic badges found throughout the project are by Serge Averbukh - with thanks to all!


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Maintenance & New Projects

11th April, 2016:  The Empire to Commonwealth Project has received a large donation of images from Dudley Wall of shirt epaulettes and Flag insignia for the (Rhodesian) AIR FORCE SECTION.  These are currently being worked on and will be ready for viewing shortly. Subsequently to these we then hope to expand that range to include other countries so if you do have any images of complete sets of ranks for all forces - please contact