The Empire to Commonwealth Project

A sincere thank you to ....

all those who have contributed to the project either individually, on behalf of a forum or site or the Departments of Defence.


 Individual Contributors

 Departments of Defence


Individual Contributors

Sincere and grateful thanks have to be given here to our individual contributors:

Arthur, Dennis de la Mare, Ron Marsden, David & Jennifer Ann Wright, Philip Smylie, David Evans, Gerard, Shaun Aumua, Peter Jones and my dear friend, the Late Ray Collins, and other members of the

British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum

Also to thank those involved for the BCMBF Badge now located around the Project.

 Ed Buscall of Ships Badges, Alan Benn of Alan's Ship's Badges, Tom Grant, John Lyall, Ian J. and my dear friend, the late Stevie Roberts of the 

World Naval Ships Forums

Sean Ryan of Uniforms of the World

 Sarge Herbert Hilary Booker II of Booker's Public Gallery

David Prothero

and the

National Archives, Kew

 James Alcock of the

Historical Atlas of the British Empire

Sally Bosley of

Regimental Brooches 

John & Pat Lyall


 Mike and Delyth (Del) Waugh

(New Zealand)

 Alan Burtenshaw

 Dave Palmer

 Mike Martin

Dan Marshall 

 Philip Keable

 David Evans

Steve Proom

Peter Black 

Dave Bloomfield 


Erik Eilertsen, Phillip Evans, Peter Petter-Bowyer, Skippy Michell, Brig. Vic Walker and Dudley Wall of Rhodesia - Intaf , Glenn Baker for his help with Nyasaland and Hugh Bomford from the Rhodesian Services Association

 Anna Sluszkeiwicz of
 Eddy Norris of ORAFs

 Serge Averbukh of Military Insignia 3D

 Cyril Redondo of British Empire Flags

Bill Dady from

Claveworks Graphics


for their enormous contributions to both content and accuracy.  Please check out the LINKS page found in the Members Menu above . This project is entirely based on other people's research and image donations, the Project has just put it together in one place - it is their copyright

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Departments of Defence

he Empire to Commonwealth Project has to especially thank the Defense Forces below and acknowledge their copyright:



 Australian Government, Department of Defence

The Department of National Defence
and the Canadian Forces

 Le Ministère de la Défense nationale
et les Forces canadiennes

 Indian Defence

 New Zealand Defence Force



  Singapore Armed Forces

Total Defence

 South African National Defence Force

UK Ministry of Defence







(Southern) Rhodesia Combined Operations


Rhodesia Combined Operations artwork kindly supplied by Dudley Wall.  

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