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 University Regiments


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Armoured Badges






1st Armoured Regt 

 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers

2nd Cavalry Regt 

 2nd/14th Light Horse (Queensland Mounted Infantry)

B Squadron, 3rd/4th  Cavalry Regt 






3rd/19th Light Horse (South Australian Mounted Rifles) 

 4th/19th Prince of Wales' Light Horse

 8th/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles

No longer a regiment became a Squadron of 4th/19th PWLH)

10th Light Horse 

12th/16th Hunter River Lancers 

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Infantry Badges






Royal Australian Regt 

Royal New South Wales Regt 

 Royal Queensland Regt

 Royal South Australia Regt

Royal Tasmania Regt 






 Royal Victoria Regt

 Royal Western Australia Regt




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Special section badges






1 Commando 

 51st Bn Far North Queensland Regt

 HQ Special Ops

Only used on stationary etc, and does not exist as an actual badge


 Pilbara Regt







2nd Commando Regt 




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General regiments






Aviation (See below)

 Band Corps

Catering Corps 

 Legal Corps

Psychology Corps 




 Public Relations

 Intelligence Corps

Chaplains Dept (Christian) 

Chaplains Dept (Jewish) 

Dental Corps 






 Education Corps

 Medical Corps

 Nursing Corps

Ordnance Corps 

Pay Corps 







 Corps of Military Police

 Corps of Signals

Corps of Transport 

Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineering 






Royal Australian Engineers 

 Infantry Corps

 Armoured Corps

Corps of Staff Cadets 

Survey Corps became part of RAE in the 1990s.

Womens Royal Australian Army Corps
(disbanded 1984) 

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University Regiments

University Regimental badges








Queensland Agricultural College 








University of New South Wales 

 Western Australia



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Aviation badges




 1st Aviation Regt

 5th Aviation Regt

 6th Aviation Regt

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