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British Forces Network

The British Forces network comprises mostly of BFBS and it's departments and SSVC and it's departments. However, if you were in the Armed Forces Overseas, you would have tuned in to the British Forces Network through the BFBS.  Both BFBS and SSVC continue today

  1. BFBS
  2. SSVC
  3. Others

Dedicated to Philip Keable and his father, Paul Keable.


Images used by the BFBS today. 






BFBS Radio 

 BFBS Radio Gurkha

 BFBS Television

Radio Stations
















 Falkland Islands




Northern Ireland 











 I have recently received an image from Philip Keable who was stationed in Hong Kong with me, of a BFBS badge from the 1970s and will scan that in shortly. I wonder if there are any more BFBS badges of former colonies/countries  if you know of any, can you please let me know at ?

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Images used by the SSVC. 




 SSVC Forces Cinema

 SSVC  Retail

 SSVC Services, Sounds & Vision Corporation

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A couple of other organisations within the British Forces Network



 British Defence Force Library

 CSE Forces Entertainment

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