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Artwork by Serge Averbukh.

Welcome to the Cadets' Index of the Empire to Commonwealth Project.

This is the Index page where you can click (on the flag or title) on the COUNTRY from the menu below of your choice.  You will then automatically move further down this page to make another selection for the country's SERVICE of your choice.  A new page will display your request. You will notice the absence of Army Cadet Badges as the Cadets use an established Regimental badge from the Army.








 Hong Kong S.A.R.






New Zealand

South Africa

(Southern) Rhodesia





 United Kingdom




A huge thanks to John Lyall for the collation of these images.

With thanks to Alan Benn and Ed Buscall for the ship badges used within this section.





Sea Cadet Corps


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Hong Kong S.A.R.


Not a member of the Commonwealth



 Sea Cadet Corps

Air Cadet Corps

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New Zealand





 Sea Cadet Corps

 Army Cadet Corps

Air Training Corps

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South Africa

(Southern) Rhodesia





 TS Mashona

TS Matabele *

Thanks to ORAFs & Craig Fourie for the TS Matabele cap

Thanks to Ed Buscall for his artwork.

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United Kingdom


The United Kingdom Sea Cadets & Air Training Corps are located beneath this first table:






 Sea Cadet Corps

See below for Training Ships

Air Training Corps

See below for pages

 Army Cadet Corps

 Combined Cadet Force

 Girls Nautical Training Corps

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Air Training Corps

Squadrons: 1 - 999

 0 - 49 + Overseas





















Squadrons 1000 - 1999






















 Squadrons 2000 - end + Miscellaneous + Wings
















 Malcolm Beech's ATC Patch Collection

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Sea Cadets

These badges are in Training Ship Order.  Beneath the name of the Training Ship is the UNIT NAME in capitals.

 Northern Area
Eastern Area
 Southern Area

 South West Area

A - G

H - Z

 Northwest Area

A - J

K - Z

 London Area

With thanks to John Lyall for collation and research and to Alan Benn and Ed Buscall for their ship badges used within this section.

A special thanks to MSSC for their cooperation and help in obtaining TS Badges.

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