The Empire to Commonwealth Project

Promoting the British Empire

The sections below promotes the British Empire using cigarette packet inserts.  Please give some of these pages time to load as there are a few large files to ensure the maximum clarity.  The one thing to note about these cards is they do confirm the previous research in other chapters, i.e. the correct coat of arms, the correct regiment etc..


With thanks to Ralf Hartemink for all his help in the Empire to Commonwealth Project.

  Will's Cigarette Coupons - The British Empire

Will's Cigarette Coupons - The Bishopric 

United Tobacco Co. - About South Africa 

 Players Cigarettes - Regiments and Flags

De Reszke Cigarettes - British Chivalry and Valour 

Gallaher's Cigarettes - Allies of World War One

 Godfrey Philips Ltd - Empire Industries

Lambert & Butler - Arms of the Kings & Queens 

Gallaher's Cigarettes - Army Badges 

 John Player - Regimental Standards

WH & WO Wills - Ship's Badges 

Player's Cigarettes - RAF Badges/Squadrons 

 Player's Cigarettes - Drum Colours

Player's Cigarettes - Empire Uniforms  

Player's Cigarettes - Uniforms of the Territorial Army 

  • Please note the Empire to Commonwealth Project does not condone smoking in any way.