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 History of the British Empire and

The Commonwealth through numismatics.

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Currency and Stamp images sent in by Members 

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 The United Kingdom

British Dependent Territories  

 British Empire former Countries and Territories (variously 1500-1997)

  • Another page has been created for working with for currencies.  This can be located here.

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Currency and Stamp images sent in by Members

Currencies and StampsThere are unfortunately plenty of gaps in this page below - as I have been unable to find a variety of images for currency and stamps from the nations within the British Empire and from within the Commonwealth today where the British Monarch is still Head of State.  Any help would be gratefully appreciated - please send an Email with any images you may have to together with your details/web address so you can be acknowledged as providing assistance!

This section deals exclusively with currencies and stamps of the Empire , and where the Monarch is featured on the notes or coins today.  Most of these images have been located from whose copyright they are.

Another page has been created working with for currencies.  This can be located here.










 Ascension Island



Antarctic Territory



Armed Forces Overseas 











 Bank of England















 British Columbia



 British Commonwealth



 British East Africa



 British Guiana



 British Honduras



 British Indian Ocean Territory



 British New Guinea



 British South Africa Company












Expeditionary Force Issue

 Cape of Good Hope






 Cayman Islands









 Cook Islands









 East Africa & Uganda






 Falkland Islands












 Gilbert & Elice



 Gold Coast












This could be after the British Empire's control

 Hong Kong









 Isle of Man















 Leeward Islands






 Malaya and British Borneo


















 Morocco Agencies












 New Brunswick



 New Foundland



 New Guinea

/Papua New Guinea

 New Hebrides  
 New South Wales  

 New Zealand



This stamp is from the New Zealand Antarctic Territory







 North Borneo



 Northern Ireland



 Northern Nigeria



 Northern Rhodesia



 Nova Scotia






 Oil Rivers Protectorate












 Pitcairn Islands



 Prince Edward Island









 Rhodesia & Nyasaland  
 Ross Dependency  







 Sierra Leone






 Solomon Islands






 South Africa



 South Australia



 South Georgia



 Southern Nigeria



 Southern Rhodesia



 St. Christopher



 St. Helena



 St. Kitts & Nevis



 St. Lucia



 St. Vincent



 Straits Settlements
























 Trinidad & Tobago



 Tristan da Cunha



 Trucial States



 Turks & Caicos Islands



 Turks Islands





I am not sure if this is within the British Empire or not.


 United Kingdom






 Virgin Islands






 Western Australia



 Western Samoa









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