The Empire to Commonwealth Project

Pictures of Empire

A  range of pictures from , , , and show how the British Empire's products, services and goods were promoted and encouraged. 



 1905 Postcard

 1962 Empire Games



 Canada congratulates her Queen

British Empire Exhibition 



Huntley Biscuits with french 'Angleterre' 

 Advance Australia with King George V & Queen Mary



Colonists and Convicts - Australia 

New South Wales Government Gazette 



John Brown of USA with the Empire's Britannia 

 British Troops in Afghanistan



Buy Empire Goods from Homes & Overseas 

 Canadian Railway Expansion



Colonial Police 

Imperial Durbar at Delhi 



 The Empire Figures of History (1)

 The Empire Figures of History (2)



 A better Government for India - End of East India Company

Empire Day - 24th May 



 Growing Market for our goods

 Another Huntleys Biscuits - 'Autriche'



 The Empire's Lion

Leaving Ireland 



 New Zealand's Heroic Record

 Emmigration to South Australia



 The British Empire of Nationalities

The Empire Shop 



Wright's Coal Tar Soap 

Lord Kitchener 



 Buying Tea

United We Stand 


 Our Country - Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

courtesy of Glenn Baker

Eaton's 1918 Catalogue Cover, Canada

courtesy of James Alcock



A Map of the British Empire 


1936 - A year of 3 Kings 

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