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Artwork by Serge Averbukh.

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The Dominions

 Collective Territories

 Territories, Protectorates and Mandates through to today



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  •  Notes provided by David Prothero regarding the use of  Blue and Red Ensigns and Land Flags are contained in the Colonial Ensigns Section.This section is extremely useful as it discusses the fake, erroneous and mis-reported flags. 
  • Flags have been used from various sources including:, wikipedia and and the  Project acknowledges their ©Copyright.
  • The Coat of Arms of the Leeward Islands is curtesy of Life Magazine.
  A special thanks to James Alcock of the Atlas of the British Empire website

To visually aid this section, please check out these links showing the development of the flags in the British Empire and The Commonwealth today.

1842, 1914 and 1927 flag maps 

1937 and 1945 flag maps 

Dependencies and Commonwealth Today flag maps 

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Territories, Protectorates & Mandates through to today


Excluding the Dominions (etc.) listed above, please click on the links below within the grid:



 British East Africa


China Settlements






Including the Dominions

of British India , Ceylon and Ireland

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Personal Standards of HM The Queen