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Oh my word!  What a find!  This forum is bursting with expertise for Naval matters as the British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum is.  You will find lists of all the world's navy ships from the nineteenth century to the present day, with photos, histories and paintings on many of the ships.  We are adding more information to this site every day, and with your help, we aim to provide information on all ships listed.  Please visit and check out their resources on Commonwealth Navies.

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The British Empire Site


The one stop site for the history of the British Empire.  Many images have been kindly supplied to the Empire to Commonwealth Project by the site's webmaster and author Stephen Luscombe.  The site serves as the beginning of any in-depth research into the former British Empire and it's Dominions and Colonies overseas.  Split into easy to use sections make sure you sit yourself down in front of the computer with a large cup of coffee because you'll soon become engrossed in all it's detail.

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South African Militaria


Once again showing the emphasis the Empire to Commonwealth Project has on the reliance of professional websites, this month's FOCUS is on the South African Militaria website, specialising in badges and insignia.  As much as South Africa has sometimes had a turbulent relationship with 'the Motherland' the rich history of the armed forces of South Africa should be studied, and this site provides that much needed insight.

In simple to understand sections the site covers war medals, miniatures, ribbons, flashes, cloth insignia and much more.  Please visit this site to see all that is South Africa's rich military heritage at

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The British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum

A project, such as the Empire to Commonwealth Project relies heavily on the advice of professionals who have spent years researching the material available through private collections to internet pages.  Many websites contains errors - and the more help you get, the more accurate your site or work becomes.  The Project has received invaluable help from TheBritish & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum and I highly recommend that if collecting badges is your forte, then you can get no finer advice from this site.

I joined the site as a Member recently, and a number of the regular contributors have readily answered my questions, written me in-depth emails, supplied photos of badges required for the Project and it is excellent to see such cooperation between members all who simply like collecting badges.  The site even has an introductory zone where, once you have joined, you simply introduce yourself and your particular interest and the replies swiftly follow from those that share your passion.

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Historical Atlas of the British Empire

This site is run by James Alcock who has helped me complete the flag sections of the Project in detail.  At the end of all his help he just mentioned 'have a look at my site'- and WOW!  An extensive step by step development of the British Empire in easy to read sections complete with maps, detail and flags to show the growth of the world's largest empire.

A tremendous amount of detail in an easy to understand format - and now I can see why he helped me!

Sarge's Web Library


Sarge Booker has helped me with the Empire to Commonwealth Project by donating all sorts of images to the project since it first started to go online.  Sarge is currently building up a library of e-books about all the armed forces, and although primarily with an American focus there are a range of books that would really help any one researching the British Empire.  Well worth a look!

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Alan Benn's Ships Badges

Alan Benn has kindly donated the thumbnail images of all the British Royal Navy's ships badges and Fleet Air Arm badges.   His site promotes his DVD of his badge artwork - and I highly recommend any collector to visit the site to see for themselves.  He is currently reconstructing his imagery as of May 2014.

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Ed Buscall's Ships Badges

Ed's site promotes his 2 DVDs of restored sealed patterns artwork - Ships badges of the Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm and Ships Badges of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Forces.  Ed has helped me with a number of projects and finds within the Empire to Commonwealth Project so please visit his site!

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British Empire Flags

 Cyril Redondo from France's site showing the development of the defaced Blue Ensigns and Union flags across the British Empire.  Very clear and very interesting.  It was Cyril who located the Merchant flags for the British Indian Princes flags - and has continued to help since.