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Below are a list of sites that have contributed to The Empire to Commonwealth Project Site or where the Project has been linked to that site, or a site of interest. 

























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Links A

  RAFWEB.ORG is an amazing independent site showing information on the Royal Air Force put together by Malcolm Barrass and Steve Clements.  All the RAF badges have come from this site alone.  Malcolm Barrass also wrote the forward to the book Empire to Commonwealth.


ALANSSHIPSBADGES.WEBS.COM is the site providing the naval badge artwork of Alan Benn. The Royal Navy ships and Fleet Air Arm badges are all available on a single CD.


 ABSEMBROIDERY.CO.UK is a very interesting embroidery site that also specialises in armed forces badges and crests.  This business also supports Our Troops - so please support them too.  The Company kindly allowed the Project to use the  'Proud to support our Armed Forces' logo from their site - Thank you!

  ATSNOTES.COM run by Anna and Tom Sluszkiewicz is the most comprehensive website I have seen to date for people interested in currency.  Please have a look - I found it to be an incredibly informative site and they are so very helpful.
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Links B


ROYAL.GOV.UK is the official site of the British Monarchy.


IMPERIALFLAGS.BLOGSPOT.COM is Kier's Site in China of both his classroom and the flags he has collected.  You have GOT to check out the classroom photographs!

 BRITISHBADGEFORUM.COM is an incredibly friendly and helpful site where people have strong interests in military badges of the British Empire and The Commonwealth - THOROUGHLY recommended - most probably the most helpful forum on the internet.

A personal thanks has to be given to the members of the Forum who have provided advice, information and images to the Project - thanks all!

The Empire to Commonwealth Project was saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Collins and offer our sincere condolences to his family.

  BHARAT-RAKSHAK.COM.  All Indian information has come from this site.
  BRITISHEMPIRE.CO.UK Is an incredible indepth site for information about the British Empire.
  HTTPS://SITES.GOOGLE.COM/SITE/BRITISHEMPIREFLAGS is a French site by our colleague Cyril Redondo - who has helped the Empire to Commonwealth Project expand it's Indian section because of his flags.  Check out the site if you are at all interested in the development of 'colonial' flags.


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Links C

  CLAVEWORK GRAPHICS.CO.UK provides a rich display of graphic-based military artwork.  Contacting Bill Dady on the site may even be able to help you further.

MILITARYINSIGNIA.BLOGSPOTS.COM is about the art of military heraldry. This site provides an interactive diary, following Serge Averburkh's “Military Insignia” project. The idea is to recreate and gather under one roof the most comprehensive collection of high quality military insignia, utilising my unique 3D Multi-Layer Enhancement & Texturing Technique (3D M-LETT), which helps me to highlight the true beauty of such images.

All the metallic 'Empire to Commonwealth' images have been produced by Serge - THANK YOU!

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Links E

  ED.BUSCALL.WEBS.COM is a website showing Ed's artwork.  Ed's site promotes his 2 DVDs of restored sealed patterns artwork - Ships badges of the Royal Navy and the Fleet Air Arm and Ships Badges of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Forces.  Ed has helped me with a number of projects and finds within the Empire to Commonwealth Project so please visit his site!  

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Links F


  FLEETAIRARMOA.ORG is the website of the Fleet Air Arm Officers' Association. It has information and links for anyone with a keen interest in Naval Aviation.
 FLAGSANDCRESTS.NET A collection of imagery that enables useful, accurate and detailed pictorial research.
  FLAGSAUSTRALIA.COM.AU Flags Australia is the operating name of the Flag Society of Australia Inc, which is a not-for-profit incorporated association that brings together individuals interested in researching, preserving and publishing information on Australian and international flags.


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Links H

  ATLASOFBRITEMPIRE.COM is a site detailing the story of the British Empire through text, maps and pictures.  Extremely informative, easy to read the website held my attention throughout.  One of those MUST SEE sites if you need to know anything about the British Empire.
  NGW.NL is one of the largest data sites for civilian coat of arms and more.
  HEREDITARYTITLES.COM A very interesting site focusing on coats of arms used in the British Empire.
  HELMETSANDHEADGEAR.CO.UK is a British Site.  They have a large selection of all types of military items including headgear, uniforms, badges, medals and more.  In particular genuine British and German helmets from both World Wars.

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Links J



 JACKCLEGG.COM is an interesting site about the Royal Navy Division during World War 1.  Most people didn't know the Royal Navy fought on land during WW1.

Link updated 27th September, 2013.


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  MS-MC.ORG is the central point for all matters to do with the United Kingdom's Sea Cadets and the Marine Society.  An incredible amount of help from across the country has been given to the Project from all the Sea Cadet areas.

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Links N


  NAVAL-HISTORY.NET is a site run by my friend Gordon Smith who has a unique insight and record of naval history from World War I forwards.  Gordon also wrote the 2nd forward for the book Empire to Commonwealth
  NYPL.ORG is an incredible indepth site of digital history that you will want to spend hours looking at!  Great for research and the hobby enthusiast.


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Links R

 READYAYEREADY.COM a huge resource for the Canadian Navy.
  FREEWEBS.COM/DUDLEYWALL This website is intended to honour those members of Rhodesia's para military Ministry of Internal Affairs (Intaf) who represented the very spirit of the nation.
  RHODESIANSERVICES.ORG is well worth having a look at.  If you are interested in things Rhodesian then the wealth of information, helpful advice and newsletter can help you.  Thanks to all those who have helped me with this project.
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Links S

  SSVC.COM is the link to the British Forces Broadcasting Service.  In there you will also see their links to the BIG SALUTE annual fundraising event for all servicemen.
 SOUTHAFRICANMILITARIA.COM is a unique collection of South African Military Badges and Insignia for the collector and for those with a keen interest in military of South Africa.  A personal thank you to Andrew who runs this site for his help with the Empire to Commonwealth project.

SARGE'S WEB LIBRARY is Sarge Booker's site where making information available to all, free of charge is his goal.  Many e-books on line now and more added regularly.  All forces covered, though with an American bias there is information about the UK's Armed Forces of yesteryear.

  SINGAPOREGUARDREGIMENT.WEBSTARTS.COM is Kit's collection of imagery and facts about the SGR in Singapore.  Well worth a look for detail about the regiment, badges and much more. IS A FACEBOOK PAGE and hopefully the Sovereign Association will have a website in due course. 

The Sovereign Association supports the British Empire, the Commonwealth Realms and the British Monarchy and is campaigning for the Philippines to join the Commonwealth of Nations as a Commonwealth Realm or as a Commonwealth Republic

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Links U


 Mobile Air Movements Squadrons ...

They have two sites of interest:

UKMAMS.ORG.UK I came across recently and is worth a look at and ...

UKMAMSOBA.ORG is the site that details the history of the United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron and its diverse tasks over the years.

 UNIFORMSOTW.COM is the site for the uniform collector and enthusiast.  A personal thank you to Sean who runs this site for giving permission for his images to be used within the Project.

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Links V

 HMS-VENGEANCE.CO.UK Website.  Also deals with 1850 & 812 Royal Navy Squadrons along with the first commissions of HMS Vengeance from 16th December, 1944 - 10th March, 1945.

I would like to thank Ron Davis for the loan of images from his site being used within the Empire to Commonwealth Project.

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Links W


  WORLDNAVALSHIPS.COM is the professional site for Naval enthusiasts, badge collectors and so so much more.  Finding this site was a real treat for me and I have already used much of the members' support without even realising it!  So a huge thank you to all the members there, especially to Alan Benn, Ed Buschall and Tom Grant.  If your interest is 'Naval' then this could be that one-stop-shop of questions answered that you might have been looking for.
  WORLDSTATESMEN.ORG is a valuable reference for flag enthusiasts as it records the history of flags in any given nation.



This is a facebook link for HMS/M Walrus.  Simply click on the image of the submarine to go the page.


  624SQUADRON.ORG is t he 624 Squadron Association website - Ron McKeon's tribute to "The Unsung Heroes"  Please visit this site to see the photos of our heroes of Yesteryear, who gave us our today.
 30DEGREESSOUTH.CO.UK is a very intersting site about the conflicts that have hit the African continent and is well worth a look at to see the books (etc) that are avaiable.



Non-Contributory sites of Interest:  If you have a site that you feel may be of interest to our members and visitors, please write, including a URL website address directly to .


 EXMILITARYMATES.COM is a self explanatory site!  Loads to look at, view and with a host of daily on-line activities.  A friendly welcome is assured.


DAVIDCBLOOMFIELD.CO.UK is a site focussing on the Royal Air Force of yesterday and today.  Originally designed as a family site there are now detailed focuses on the history of the Royal Air Force.  I was recommended to this site and it is well worth a visit.


RAFGREATWORTH.WEBS.COM is a site about the base and crew of RAF Greatworth down memory lane and a recording of it's existence and history.

 SOLDIERSOFTHEQUEEN.COM is a virtual museum of Victorian-era military photographs - a unique and amazing photographic record of the people under the reign of Queen Victoria, well worth a look!


 WWW.FONTAINBLEUVETERANSASSOCIATION.CO.UK is a site dedicated to news, history and social gatherings to all those connected with the HQAAFCE.


 BRITISHBATTLES.COM is a detailed site of previous battles complete with maps of engagement.  Very much well worth a look.


 HMSLONDONDERRY.ORG is both a history of the ship and a Community Site for all those that served on her.


 FLAGDECK.COM  This website is for mariners, ex mariners, shellbacks, gobbies, sailors, yachties, long-shore-men, coasties, lubbers or any one else who is interested in the sea!


ARY.ORG.UK is the Association of Royal Yachtsmen dedicated to bringing all those who have served aboard HMY Brittania.

  FLAGINSTITUTE.ORG is an incredibly useful site.  I myself joined this year and the information from their Members Area website and their Flagmaster gazette I have found amazingly helpful. I don't plug it, unless I mean it.  I mean it.
 WARTIMEMEMORIES.CO.UK is an exciting project site collecting memories of the Great War and the Second World War - before they are lost forever.
 ATLANTICCHARTER.CA is about the charter that was negotiated at was to be called the Atlantic Charter Conference (codenamed RIVERA) by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D.Roosevelt, aboard their respective war ships in a secure anchorage site just several hundred yards from land near a small community called Ship Harbour, Newfoundland and was issued as a joint declaration on 14th August,1941.
 FLAGSAUSTRALIA.COM.AU/VEXVENTURES.HTML is a website that shows some  unique country badge posters.  Well worth a look at these.
  SACRIFICANDSOLACE.COM is a website that is producing an album to mark the Centenary of the World War 1 for Canadian troops in particular.  Well worth a look for this unique keepsake.

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