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Available PDFs

To help with your research, The Empire to Commonwealth Project has a range of PDF files available to aid in your studies taken directly from the published book.   All files are available totally free of charge so long as you are not using them for commercial purposes.  Please respect other people's copyright.  If you are requiring any image or file for commercial purposes, please contact the Empire to Commonwealth Project directly so I can forward your request to the Copyright holder.





 A page from the Flags Chapter

A page from the Australian Navy 

 A page from the Canadian Navy


The PDF files are split into their original Chapters and Sections:




Part 1



Part 2


 Chapter 1


 Chapter 2

 Air Force Bases

 Chapter 3

Air Force Squadrons 

 Chapter 4

Air Force Miscellaneous

 Chapter 5

Naval Bases

Chapter 6

Naval Ships

 Chapter 7

Army Regiments

 Chapter 8


 Chapter 9

Monarch's Representatives

 Chapter 10

Prime Ministers

 Chapter 11

Christian faith

 Chapter 12

UK Heraldry

 Chapter 13

Nations Heraldry

 Chapter 14


 Chapter 15


 Chapter 16


Chapter 17 

 Medals and Awards

Chapter 18

 Pictures of Empire

 Chapter 19

Statistical Information 

Chapter 20 


 Chapter 21



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  * I hope I have included everyone in these Acknowledgements (and also in the LINKS Chapter) - if I have not, please let me know as this would have been an honest mistake and it is very important your copyright is acknowledged - this is your work, not mine!

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The British Empire is a vast subject, often denigrated these days, but whether for good or ill, has had a tremendous influence on the shape of the modern world. Remember, the United States, the only current superpower, started as part of this Empire. The language of commerce and the evermore important internet is the English of Britain. Globalisation is very much a development of the British ways of doing business over the centuries. And so the examples could go on.

Millions of words have been written about the Empire, but its extent, power and influence is still poorly understood. The Rev Anthony Hathaway-Taylor has gone one step further by applying that simple idea that a picture can truly be worth a thousand words. By tracing the development of much of the British Empire through images, he has not only made a valuable contribution to our understanding, but produced a truly beautiful work. I certainly look forward to using the naval and military contents of this book.

Gordon Smith

February, 2008

E & OE

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Governor Generals and Crown Representatives

Content for this section has been entirely supplied by James Alcock with grateful appreciation.

 British Empire Governors General

Commonwealth Governors General 

 Crown Representatives

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