The Empire to Commonwealth Project

The Sovereign Realms

HM The Queen is also sovereign in her own right of 15 separate Countries (known as Commonwealth Realms) outside of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (shown in bold below) and of British Overseas Territories.

This file below, written by James Alcock shows the progress of Dominions and Crown Realms over the years  

The published book 'Empire to Commonwealth' only features those flags that contained the Union Jack within the nation's flag.  This table shows both those flags seen in the book and those flags that show no semblance of being 'British'.

 Royal Standards

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Traditional Ensign

Modern Flags

 Miscellaneous Titles

With thanks to James Alcock for his help with the flags and this section.

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Royal Standards of the United Kingdom




The Royal Standard as shown in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 

The Royal Standard as shown in Scotland 

The Queen's Personal Emblem outside the U.K.

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Traditional Ensign




 Commonwealth of Australia

 New Zealand

Akrotiri & Dhekelia Sovereign Airbase, CYPRUS






 Antarctic Territory

Ascension Island 


British Virgin Islands 





Cayman Islands

Falkland Islands 


Indian Ocean Territory 







(Head of State)

Pitcairn Islands 

South Georgia & The Sandwich Islands 





St. Helena 

 Tristan da Cunha 

Turks & Caicos Islands


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Modern Flags







 Antigua & Barbuda

 The Bahamas








 St. Kitts & Nevis





 St Lucia

St. Vincent & The Grenadines 

Papua New Guinea 

Solomon Islands 

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Miscellaneous Titles





 Paramount Chief of Fiji

 Head of the Commonwealth

non hereditary title

 Lord of Mann

Duke of Normandy 

The Channel Islands





 Duke of Lancaster




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