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Unofficial Badges of the Royal Air Force

RAF Badges became formalised in 1936 ....

  1. Before the introduction of the standard badge design in 1936, the Air Ministry authorised badges to be worn on aircraft that indicated the role of the squadron: by the shape of the outline and the squadron by the symbol in the shape.  These were official but only used on aircraft they were not used in the way the heraldic badges were.
  2. Some units submitted designs for badges but these were often too late to be authorised by the time the unit was disbanded or ultimately, the unit failed to meet the criteria for the award to authorised.
  3. Prior to 1. or 2. above some squadrons designed badges but these did not follow any official pattern.

Apart from these unofficial badges there has also been produced patches and 'zaps' used by the RAF.

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Patches & Zaps

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